Friday, 15 January 2021

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Nicolas Cage lends support to victims of human trafficking


The actor Nicolas  Cage today lent his support to victims of human trafficking.  

Attending an  event  in  the  Austrian  capital  of  Vienna, the actor,  film-maker  and Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Office  on  Drugs  and  Crime (UNODC), called for greater attention  to  the issue, while helping to raise private sector funds for
victims.  A  highlight  of  the  evening  was  the auction of a specially designed “Blue Heart” carpet - an international symbol increasingly being
adopted by governments, civil society, the private sector and individuals in  the  fight  against this scourge.

  “As  a global society, we cannot tolerate people being bought and sold ascommodities. We  cannot  fight for a better planet and for the rights of all  its  beings  while  we  allow  our  own  species to trick, abuse and brutally  exploit  each  other for profit. We cannot stand quietly on the sidelines,  while  humans are being shipped and traded across the globe,” Cage stated.

 “A  person  stripped  of  their documents, their rights and their dignity needs  specialized help. They need to rebuild their lives brick by brick. Your  contribution tonight can provide vital help to these victims,“ Cage appealed.

 Human  trafficking  affects  every  country  in  the  world.  Victims are
 trafficked  for  sexual  exploitation  and  forced labour. A recent UNODC
 report  found  that  women  and  girls  make  up  75 per cent of detected victims, with girls constituting two out of every three child victims.

 While  in  Vienna, Mr. Cage renewed his appointment made in 2010 as UNODC Goodwill  Ambassador  for  Global  Justice,  saying  it  was  a title and
 position he was “very proud to hold. Of all the experiences I have had in
 my   life   this   has   been   the  most  humbling  and  challenging  of

(UN Information Service, Vienna, UN Photo/Mark Garten) 



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