Wednesday, 20 January 2021

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Secretary-General opens Energy for all hub in Denmark


UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, opened today a Sustainable Energy for All Energy Efficiency Hub at the UN City in Copenhagen.

During the 2nd day of his visit to Denmark, the Secretary-General also addressed a Climate Change Finance meeting, spoke to students at a town hall meeting and met with Danish ministers.

Mr. Ban thanked Denmark ,"a global leader in the production and use of clean energy technology", for its contributions to the fight against Climate Change.

The purpose of the Sustainable Energy for All – Efficency Hub is to combine the efforts of governments, development banks, the private sector and civil society in order to dramatically increase ienergy access, energy efficiency and the use of renewables by 2030.

Opening the Hub, the UN Secretary-General said that access by all to clean, efficient energy would be critical in promoting sustainable development while, at the same time, reducing humankind's emissions footprint.

"I expect this hub, supported by the UN Environment Programme, to stand at the center of our efforts to double the global rate of energy efficiency over the next 17 years," Mr. Ban said at the openin in Copenhagen´s UN City.

The UN Secretary-General also gave a keynote speech to a meeting on Climate Financiing attended by private sector actors and policy makers, convened by the Danish government.

"Private investment is essential to meet the growing demand for energy in the developing world," Mr. Ban said. "We need in particular to win over institutional investors that collectively manage more than 70 trillion dollars of assets.

The bulk of these investments are high-carbon assets.

Less than 1 per cent of pension fund assets are invested in sustainable infrastructure projects.

These investors have the power – and I believe the responsibility -- to do their part in transforming the global economy and setting us on a safer path."

At a town hall meeting with students at the Royal Library in Copenhagen, the Secretary-General addressed the problem of youth unemployment and noted that worldwide there were 73 million young people unemployed, "and that does not even count many other promising youth who have given up their search for work. There are no easy answers. But we can look at this same picture with a new perspective and see potential solutions. The key is global citizenship – each of you engaging in our world," Mr. Ban told the students at the end of his two day visit to Denmark


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