Participate in e-discussions on growth and employment in the post-2015 development agenda

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31jan-jobsThe United Nations Development Group (UNDG) is convening public consultations on the post-2015 development agenda, with growth and employment as one of the themes. These consultations seek to feed into intergovernmental discussions on the new post-2015 development agenda.

Three e-discussions on various topics and another e-discussion is coming this week:

Jobs and livelihoods
(now in the second phase)

11 January - 8 February 2013

Can agenda setting at global level influence action at national level (on jobs)?

What works for constructive social dialogue? Can international action help?

What are your comments on proposed goals and indicators?

Growth, diversification,
structural change

18 January - 15 February 2013

Can structural change generate sustainable economic growth and decent jobs?

What kinds of policies and strategies lead to structural change?

What are the opportunities and key constraints for these policies and strategies?

Development-led globalization

25 January - 22 February 2013

What are the employment implications of trade? Who is most affected?

Is there an alternative trade agenda for inclusive and sustainable development?

What reforms to the international financial system are needed and possible?

What should be the role of partners and UN in reviving economic multilateralism?

Sustainability and growth

31 January - 28 February 2013

(Questions coming soon)

You are welcome to participate in one or all of these e-discussions. Please share your thoughts and recommendations about: jobs and livelihoods; growth, diversification and structural change; development-led globalization; sustainability and growth. The discussions' results will inform the post-2015 development agenda.

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