Partnership between The United Nations and the European Union

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Shared efforts for development

The European Union is an essential partner of the United Nations in development, human rights, as well as peace and security. In 2011 the EU and the UN worked together to support governments and societies in over 110 countries across the globe.

As the Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says “Partnership remains one of the cornerstones for progress. By joining forces with each other and with the private sector, civil society and key stakeholders, the United Nations and the European Union made a real difference in the lives of the most needy and vulnerable and achieved much more than either organization could have on its own.”

The results of UN-EU partnership are visible in several aspects of human life. The work focuses for example on food security and providing basic services as well as preventing and responding to crises and supporting good governance.

A school project in Cambodia tackled two Millennium Development Goals by supporting local governance and striving universal education. Previously Soy Pheap, a mother of seven children, had to send her daughter far away for her to continue her studies. In 2011 the new Tuol Pongro school, an inter-communal project, opened near to the family, so all the children could study close to their home. Many boys and girls who in the past dropped out all together to herd cattle or work in the rice field, now attend the nearby school. In 2011, altogether 371 inter-communes public infrastructure and services cooperation projects were implemented in Cambodia improving the everyday life of the citizens.

On the other side of the world the fight against hunger proceeded. David Gonzalez, president of an association of small corn producers says his life has changed thanks to The Purchase for Progress initiative. Earlier it was difficult for the small producers to get loans, but now Hombres Nuevos Association in Honduras, which Gonzalez runs, has received training, equipment, improved seeds, agricultural inputs, storage facilities and drying machines. The UN-EU initiative has benefitted 11,500 small producers and helped to create sustainable food security. As Mr. Gonzales states “Now we have a big grain-collection centre to store the grains, and it does not matter if it rains because we have a dryer machine”.

You can read more stories and learn about concrete results from the seventh annual Partnership Report Saving and Improving Lives: Partnership between the United Nations and the European Union in 2011.