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High-level Meeting on the Rule of Law, 24 September 2012

rule of lawOn Friday, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on Member States to sign, ratify or accede to various international treaties during this week’s Treaty Event as part of the Organization’s continuing effort to strengthen the rule of law around the world.

“The Treaty Event provides a distinct opportunity for States to reaffirm their continuing commitment to strengthen the rule of law at the international level,” Mr. Ban said in his letter of invitation to Member States and their delegations while urging them “to join efforts to advance the universal application of the framework of internationally agreed upon norms and standards.”

The annual treaty event, which was initiated in 2000, is an awareness-raising occasion by the UN Secretary-General, who is the depository of the 550 multilateral treaties that establish the rules of conduct for States. The event is intended promote participation in the treaty framework internationally and nationally.

Since it was established, the Treaty Event has resulted in 1,679 treaty-related actions, including signatures, ratifications, and accessions.

Only two treaties, however, have achieved 100 per cent participation while others have a broad participation but fall short of the goal of universal participation.

According to the UN, the rule of law is a principle of governance in which all persons, institutions and entities, including the State itself, are held accountable to publicly promulgated laws which are equally and fairly enforced, independently adjudicated, and consistent with international human rights standards.

This year’s Treaty Event, entitled ‘Strengthening the Rule of Law,’ will be held from 24 to 26 September and from 1 to 2 October, to coincide with the General Assembly’s high level meeting on the Rule of Law. This is a unique occasion for all Member States, non-governmental organisations and civil society represented at the highest level, to discuss and agree a forward looking agenda on strengthening the rule of law.


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