Sunday, 27 September 2020

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Young Professionals Programme 2012 - new deadline: 19 September

careersThe deadline for Young Professionals Programme applications has been extend (again) to 19 September, midnight NY Time, due to downtime with the application server.

Since yesterday, the volumes in terms of users visiting the United Nations YPP application system, inspira, have shot up. In the last 24 hours there have been peaks of 600 to 1000 visits a minute, 24,000 visits from one country alone.

Technical teams are working to solve the issue and allow for larger surges in user counts.

Latest news

From the website - "We had some technical difficulties with the Inspira system these past two days, which you might have experienced. They have now been fixed. However, in light of these difficulties, we are extending the deadline for submission of applications to 19 September 2012. Further extension may be granted and if so will be posted in the Careers Portal. We would like to remind all applicants that late or incomplete applications will not be considered under any circumstances."

From Facebook - "When filling out APPLICATIONS and you cannot find your University, please do following:
1. Select "University/Tertiary" for the “Type of Institution”.
2. Select “Country” from the drop down.
3. Click the magnifier icon next to the “Name of Institution” box.
4. In the “Look Up” box, click “Advanced Lookup”.
5. Change the “Long Description” from “begins with” to “contains”.
6. In the “Long Descripti on” box, please type a word from the name of your institution and click “Look up”.
7. Choose the your university from the list of universities.

If you still can’t find your institution, please use the “Other Institution” option:
1. Select "University/Tertiary" for the “Type of Institution”.
2. Select “Country” from the drop down.
3. Type “Other Institution”. A new field will appear for you to type in the name of your institution
4. For the "Degree/Diploma" option, please select from list of credentials issued by the institutions of the country you picked.
5. You may also use the additional comments field to provide any further details about your degree/credential."

From Facebook - "You do not need to upload your passport to apply to the YPP. IF you are convoked to the exam, you will have to bring your valid passport to the exam center so we have proof of your nationality."

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