Thursday, 24 September 2020

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Day of the Seafarer - "It came by sea and I can't live without it"

seafarer badgeToday is the Day of the Seafarer and the International Maritime Organization will celebrate seafarers for their contributions to our daily life. Did you know 90% of the objects we consume come by sea?

25th June of each year is the "Day of the Seafarer", recognizing the invaluable contribution seafarers make to international trade and the world economy, often at great personal cost to themselves and their families.

Governments, shipping organizations, companies, ship-owners and all other parties concerned are invited to promote and celebrate the Day in an appropriate and meaningful manner.

The Day of the Seafarer provides an opportunity to pay tribute to the world’s 1.5 million seafarers for the unique and all-too-often overlooked contribution to the well-being of the general public, and we would like to do it using as many social media networks as possible.

"It came by sea and I can't live without it"

This year, the IMO is asking you to imagine an item that you simply couldn’t live without. Maybe it’s your music player, or a pen, or your computer, something you use every day in your work, a piece of medical equipment or just your favourite toy. Now stop and think: did that item, or any part of that item, or any of the materials from which that item has been made, come by sea? The chances are, the answer is “yes”.

Use social networks to highlight just how important seafarers are to everyone on the planet, as they transport all over the world those vital items, commodities and components which are so vital to all our daily lives.

You can join in by:

o Sharing your post on Facebook, if you have pictures, videos or any special message, please share them on our wall.
o Sending us a message @IMOHQ and @SeafarerDay using hashtag #thankyouseafarer
o On pinterest, you can pin a picture of your chosen object with the caption “Day of the Seafarer” (@IMOHQ) (@SeafarerDay)

You can also join the conversation on Twitter and Pinterest with #thanyouseafarers and #dayoftheseafarer: (@IMOHQ)

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