Friday, 15 January 2021

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Food Waste

One third of all food wasted!

I.DenisEnormous quantities of food are thrown away every day. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), about one third of global food production (around 30 to 40%), is lost or wasted annually.

Every year rich countries waste more that 220 million tonnes of food. Per capita waste by consumers is between 95 and 115 kgs per year in Europe and North America, while in Sub-Saharan Africa and South/South-East Asia, the “throw away” represents 6 to 11 kgs per capita per year, according to Isabelle Denis from the FAO Liaison Office in Brussels.


A protest on food waste

Dumpster DivingEach day supermarkets throw away huge amounts of edible food.  In Europe,  over 89 billion tons of food is being thrown away. For some people this is just unacceptable. Therefore they go through dumpsters every day in search of edible fruit, meat or vegeatables. Meet... the dumpster divers.


EU to issue guidelines

Roger Waite - Official photo from commissions webpage - CREDIT European CommissionAt the screening of Taste the Waste, a film by German movie director Valentin Thurn, we asked Roger Waite, the European Commission’s Spokesman for Agriculture and Rural Development some questions about food waste in Europe.


3 Questions to Valentin Thurn, director of the movie Taste the Waste.

food loss and food waste

A 2011 study done by the Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology (SIK) on behalf of FAO, Global Food Losses and Food Waste , distinguishes between "food loss" and "food waste". Food loss measures the decrease in edible food mass, occurring at the production, harvest, post-harvest and processing phases and ismore important in developing countries, due to poor infrastructure, low levels of technology, and low investment in food production systems. Losses occur when grain is infested by pests, fungi, microbes. We also have economic food losses resulting from low prices and lack of access to markets for poor quality grain, or contaminated food. Food losses contribute to high food prices by removing part of the food supply from the market.

Food waste is defined as food loss occurring during the retail and final consumption stage due to the behaviour of retailers and consumers, that is, “the throwing away of food”. Food waste is more of a problem in industrialized countries