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Live Windows Project: World Press Freedom Day, 3 May 2013

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Celebrated each year on May 3, World Press Freedom Day is a day to stand up for freedom of expression in all media: print, broadcast and online. It’s about the freedom to publish to an audience, and freedom to receive information as well. Freedom of expression is especially important for doing journalism, which generates public interest information, but it is also the right of of everyone. This year’s event places attention on freedom of expression on the Internet as a precondition for digital safety of Netizens in general and journalists in particular. This is a pressing issue for press freedom. In the past 10 years:

  • Only 1 in 10 cases of crimes against social media producers, journalists, and media workers has led to a conviction.
  • 600+ journalists, social media producers and media workers have been killed while reporting news to the general public.

To mark World Press Freedom Day 2013, students from ECV Atlantique, from Nantes in France, and in house creatives from Fabrica, produced two videos for the day.

Remember, as you watch these videos, you’re exercising your human right to freedom of expression – to think, learn, watch, find information & share. Freedom of expression applies to all media, such as your Facebook, your blog, your Youtube, your Twitter, your Vkontakte, or your Tencent. Many people don’t know that they should be free and safe to blog, to upload pics, to watch online videos – in short, to use social media! 


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