Saturday, 28 November 2020

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Live Windows Project: World Population Day, 11 July

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As the world population edged to 7 billion people in 2011 (up from 2.5 billion in 1950), it has had profound implications for development. A world of 7 billion is both a challenge and an opportunity with implications on sustainability, urbanization, access to health services and youth empowerment.

To mark the day, Fabrica resident Gastón Lisak produced this Live Windows animation which was screened in Milan and Barcelona. It is called 'Because everyone counts', and here is the reasoning behind it:

"At first glance, the work is an abstract collection of plain colors, but closer inspection reveals dozens of smaller pieces. If only one were missing then the colors would never be complete. The birds in flight represent the movement and freedom that every individual needs. Each soaring piece reveals those beneath it, creating a kaleidoscopic whole. Although intricately choreographed, 'Because everyone counts' speaks simply to complex themes of equality, globalism and interdependence. Every piece counts. No matter how big or small it is."

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