Saturday, 28 November 2020

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Live Windows Project: World Environment Day, 5 June

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UNRIC, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Fabrica, Benetton's communication research centre, have joined celebrations to mark World Environment Day with a powerful video in support of this year's global campaign - "Think. Eat. Save: reduce your footprint".

From New York to London, from Barcelona to Almaty, the latest Live Windows Project video is being showcased globally. It is featured on giant screens in Times Square, New York, and Piccadilly Circus, London, but also across Benetton's Live Windows network, huge media walls in front store windows.

A banana, an apple, a tin of tuna, some peppers and a lettuce, are part of a succession of fruits and vegetables that take centre stage on screen. The video invites viewers to reflect on food consumption and waste. "Food is precious, but in our daily lives we take it for granted, and we do not notice its beauty", says 23-year-old Gastón Lisak, Fabrica's resident creative from Barcelona who produced the video.

This video, along with the three others produced to mark the day, are part of Fabrica's Live Windows project. A network of prestigious European design schools and academies who produce short videos to help promote a series of social causes, among them a number of UN International Observances.

Two of the videos produced for WED were produced by students at ECV Atlantique and highlight the importance of preserving and protecting the natural aspects of the world (video 1 | video 2).

The network with schools and academoes was established by Fabrica to promote youth creativity. Selected videos are promoted by the UN and partners, and showcased on Benetton storefront Live Windows.

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