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Live Windows Project: Network with design schools

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Over the course of our partnership with the Live Windows Project we have been fortunate enough to receive contribution from leading art design schools and academies from around Europe. The opportunity of working with them was one of the principle reasons we were so drawn to the project.

Learn more about participating schools and how they have contributed to promoting a series of UN International Days.

ELISAVA | Designschule Munich | IED (Barcelona) | MD.H | BHSAD | MHMK 
ECV | eikonEMF | Södertörn University | Scream School | UCA Farnham

ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona


Founded in 1961, ELISAVA is the first School of Design to open in Spain, thus becoming the first to offer a design-specific curriculum. ELISAVA, which is affiliated to Pompeu Fabra University, has over 2,200 students from around. The School offers official courses as the Degree in Design (pathways: Graphic Communication, Product Design, Space Design and Overall Design), the Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design (pathways: Product Designer, Product Engineer and Product Manager) and also the Official Master’s Degree in Design and Communication. The Master’s and Postgraduate Degrees offer are related to the areas of Graphic Design and Communication, Fashion Design, Product Design, Architecture and Interior Design and Strategy and Management.

Fifty years with a multi-disciplinary academic and research approach, strongly geared to the professional world and promoting close collaboration with companies, institutions and universities around the world. A history of pioneering in teaching design and engineering, which continues to help in the training of outstanding professionals. ELISAVA is located in a modern building, at the heart of Barcelona: La Rambla.

Produced to celebrate the
International Day of Peace 2013 (see 2012).


deutsche meisterschule für mode - designschule münchen

designschule web

A focus on communications design.

For designschule münchen it means creating products and processes in a responsible, effective and sustainable manner. These processes entail problem analysis, brainstorming, detailed concept definitions, implementation, presentation of solutions and the production of necessary media outreach.

In addition to regular classes, students will work on briefs and as freelancers on concrete projects. Thanks to this, competencies are developed from day one – and not after graduation.

The municipal technical school for communications design is an integral part of the German Master School of Fashion in Munich. It offers courses in design & media, and, design & fashion. The courses last three years, during which students can choose from a number of specialised subjects, including fashion, media and typography.

Produced for World Book and Copyright Day


IED Barcelona, Escola Superior de Disseny

IED web

Since 1966, Istituto Europeo di Design operates in academic training for the disciplines of Design, Fashion, Visual Arts, Communication and Management in its campuses in Milan, Rome, Turin, Venice, Cagliari, Madrid, Barcelona, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

IED Barcelona campus is in the district of Gràcia, it covers 5000 m², and since 2002 it is consolidated as one of the most important schools in design training, with the recognition as School of Higher Studies in Design, offering Undergraduate Degrees in Product, Interior, Fashion and Graphic Design, in addition to university diplomas (IED Diplomas) about Management for creative industries, BA (Hons) by the University of Westminster, masters, and professional and summer specialization courses, that every year draw nearly 1,000 students from more than 97 different countries.

IED Barcelona is a leading observatory of trends and research, with a project culture at its heart that offers students the chance to carry our innumerable projects with companies.

World Environment Day World Press Freedom Day World Press Freedom Day


Mediadesign Hochschule, University of Applied Sciences (MD.H)

MDH webMediadesign Hochschule – University of Applied Sciences (MD.H) was fully accredited as an official private German university in 2004 and can rely on more than 25 years of high-level media education experience. Mediadesign Hochschule is one of the leading universities for media and design in Germany. Based in Berlin and with locations in Munich and Düsseldorf Mediadesign Hochschule educates the next generation of game artists and developers, graphics, web and motion designers, visual effects artists, animators and fashion designers as well as producers in all fields of media, communication specialists and managers with technological and marketing skills. MD.H graduates are team players with experience in project design and fulfilment and leadership. Alumni work in all relevant fields of the creative and media industries and have built a strong alumni network. During study and for work placement students and graduates profit from MD.H´s special proximity to the media industry.

International Day of Non-Violence International Day of Peace International Day of Peace


British Higher School of Art and Design

BHSADThe British Higher School of Art and Design (Moscow) was established in 2003 to teach and train local and international students according to the standards of the leading education programmes in the art & design world.

BHSAD is one of the most important educational centres in Russia. It works in close partnership with the Faculty of Science, Technology and Creative Arts of the University of Hertfordshire in the UK and specialises in professional education in various creative fields.

The British Higher School of Art and Design offers the unique opportunity to study in Russia and obtain a British degree. Studies at the British Higher School of Art and Design are complete degrees, fully validated by the University of Hertfordshire.

Produced to celebrate World Food Day.

Produced to celebrate the International Day of Peace.



Macromedia University for Media and Communication (MHMK)

mhmk Developments in our society follow the rhythm of technological progress, between the cornerstones of globalization and mediatization.

MHMK, Macromedia University for Media and Communication, follows these developments in its capacity as a university, and conceives itself as a place for reflecting on all aspects of media society. Our courses of study cover the broad spectrum of modern media careers, from management, and content jobs such as journalism, to the creative fields of design, gaming, and film and television. Our teaching is informed by the core idea of training students to the highest level professionally, but also giving them individual support in their personal development.

With over 80 professorships and over 2000 students in all five media centres of Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin, the University trains the next generation of media talent for an international media society.

World Refugee Day World Food Day
Human Rights Day Human Rights Day



eikonEMF 51mm 14pts NB

eikonEMF is the art and communication section of the Vocational School Technology and Art Fribourg, Switzerland. eikonEMF's mission is to teach and train students in the area of visual communication (graphic design, photography, web design, video, etc.). It offers a training of three or four years that leads to a Federal Certificate of Competence in the field of Multimedia Design.Based on assignments, Multimedia Designers design digital and interactive communication projects and create messages and visuals using a wide range of multimedia technologies.

The students at eikonEMF also have the possibility to practice what they have learned in the internal professionalizing structure : eikonPRO. It consists of a series of workshops which main goal is to widen the students' professional and personal skills and allow them to gain hands-on artistic experience. A second goal is to give students an incentive by providing them an environment in which to carry out projects that may be used for technological monitoring. eikonPRO is part of a comprehensive network of companies and specialists.

Produced to mark World AIDS Day.


École de Communication Visuelle (ECV)


ECV's education is based on simple principles of design and creative excellence. Its teaching practices are developed in a spirit of openness onto the world and take in account the evolution of creative techniques and the requirements of new professions.

The School has a double vocation:

A vocation as Preparatory workshop to provide students with the bases that will lead them in the right direction and the tools they need to take on the speciality of their choice. A vocation of a school to steer students towards a career in visual communication. That is the strength of ECV.
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Södertörn University


Media Technology at Södertörn University in the South of Stockholm is an interdisciplinary field that includes technology, social sciences and humanities.

The subject has both practical and theoretical aspects. You'll find craft-oriented skills that text and image management, editing and production of moving image, but also more theoretical discussions about information technology's role in society. Much of the student work at the Media Technology department is independent and is often done on a project basis. We offer courses up to graduate level and participate in several programmes at Bachelor level.

Media Technology at Södertörn University combines in-depth knowledge with the design and analysis of interactive artifacts. It is an interdisciplinary subject with strong links to Interaction Design, Informatics and Media and Communications Studies, for example. At the moment we only have one program taught in English, Interactive Media Design.

Reflection and practical application is important in Media Technology, while technical knowledge provides an understanding of digital artifacts, and the ability to put technology in a social context is a necessity for all design work. Analysis and the simultaneous use of practical knowledge, as well as expressing ideas both orally and in writing, is important. Theoretical knowledge will improve if it is used in practice, while practical exercises will lead to a more nuanced understanding of when it links with theory.

Media Technology is an interdisciplinary subject that deals with the production, analysis and reflection of digital artifacts that can contribute to the development of new communication forms. The thoughtful and purposeful application of digital technology and design are key elements in the work of Media Technology.

International Day of Non-Violence Universal Children's Day

Södertörn University (website)


Scream School

screamschool Scream School is a leading computer graphics school in Russia. Founded in Moscow, 2009 it started as a post production school and then developed into a computer graphics educational center. Nowadays more than 250 students master skills in visual effects, compositing, animation, motion design, games graphics, game design and architectural visualization.
The system of assuring academic quality, constant collaboration with professional community and teaching conducted by experienced professionals are key elements of the learning environment in Scream School.

Int. Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (more videos...)


UCA Farnham

uca-logo-BIG The University for the Creative Arts is a specialist institution based in the South East of England over four campuses in the counties of Surrey and Kent. Students explore and study within a range of wide range of specialist areas such as Graphics, Fine Art, Film, Animation, Photography, Fashion, Illustration, Advertising and so on. Collaboration and cross-disciplinary practice is encouraged between students at both undergraduate and post-graduate level resulting in new ways of thinking and working.

We pride ourselves on our industry-standard facilities. Our campuses are home to workshops for ceramics, glass, wood and metals where students can experiment under the supervision of technicians with extensive industry experience in their field. There is extensive studio space in painting, sculpture, fashion and film-making; radio and TV facilities for trainee journalists; stop motion equipment for animators; and an industry-standard Gerber suite for fashion pattern cutting.

The UCA encourages students to work with a broad range of national and international agencies and the on-going collaboration between BA (Hons) Graphic Communication students and Fabrica is now a vital part of our research and practice.

International Mother Language Day, 21 February


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