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"Underkastelsen | Submission", by Stefan Jarl

Screened on 7 November, 2012

87' (In Swedish with English subtitles)

Underkastelsen title SweSubmission is a documentary about the 'chemical society' – a society we have been building since the Second World War. Since 1945 the amount of chemicals we use has increased from 1 million tons to 500 million tons per year.

The film focuses on the effect chemicals have on our bodies and our health. Unlike other documentaries which focus on the chemicals in our food, Submission investigates the chemicals we are exposed to in our daily lives, such as softeners (phthalates), flame retardants (PBDE) and surfactants (PFOS, PFOA). In addition to investigating the chemicals found in our bodies, we are invited to share insights from various experts into the consequences of those chemicals for the world surrounding us and our unborn children.

"One of the most important films of the century"
Michael Stanley-Jones, United Nations.

The film was followed by a Q&A, with:

  • Ms. Lisette van Vliet (Senior Policy Advisor on Chemicals and Chronic Disease Prevention for the Health and Environment Alliance)
  • Mr. Roberto Bertollini (WHO Representative to the EU in Brussels and Chief Scientist of the WHO Regional Office for Europe)


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