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"Un certain Monsieur Joinet", by Frantz Vaillant

Screened on 24 October, 2012

52' (In French with English subtitles)

LJoinetFor many years Louis Joinet has worked tirelessly for human rights to be respected globally. As a member of the Human Rights Sub-Commission on the Prevention of Discrimination and the Protection of Minorities, Joinet severely criticised communist dictatorships in Eastern Europe as well as fascist regimes in Latin America. “The documentary gives an insight into the fifty years of struggle by Louis Joinet for human rights, from the war in Algeria to Pinochet's Chile, from enforced disappearances to the fight against impunity”, according to French magazine La Chronicle.

Many of Louis Joinet’s studies became the basis for UN texts against impunity, most notably the International Convention Against Enforced Disappearances. In addition, he participated in the creation of the Working Group Against Arbitrary Detention at the former Human Rights Commission (currently the Human Rights Council).

The film documents the life of Mr Joinet, from his time as a social worker in France to his position as Special Rapporteur for Haiti for the United Nations.

Besides the story of the evolution of human rights, a strong life lesson is told here.” (La Croix).

A touching film describing the achievements of the man and his ideas.” (Le Nouvel'obs).

The film was followed by a Q&A, with:

  • Mr. Louis Joinet (former UN Special Rapporteur)
  • Mr. Antoine Madelin (Director for inter-governmental organizations for the FIDH)


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