Friday, 15 January 2021

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"Taste the Waste", by Valentin Thurn

Screened on 13 October 2011

Runtime: 90'

tastethewaste A Belgian premiere of the eye-opening documentary Taste the Waste. The film reveals the shocking truth about global food waste. In fact, about half of all food globally produced ends up being thrown away, while some four billion people live in a state of constant food emergency. About 10% of household waste is still-edible food: every second head of lettuce, every other potato--ends up in the bin.

The film was followed by a Q/A with the Director Valentin Thurn, Roger Waite (Spokesperson for Agriculture & Rural Development, European Commission), Christine Van Nieuwenhuyse (Director of the World Food Programme in Brussels) and Michael Hansmann (Brot für die Welt)

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