Saturday, 23 January 2021

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"Resolution", by Marika Griehsel

Screened on 24 May 2011

Runtime: 59'

resolution In 2010 one women and her small team picked up the baton in the struggle against sexual violence in war and conflict. Throughout history rape survivors have had to deal with being dismissed as victims of an inevitable consequence of war. Combatants are honoured with medals while rape survivors are hidden in shame.
As the first ever UN special representative on sexual violence in war and conflict, Margot Wallström and her team have, over 10 short months, raised the issue of rape being used as a strategic weapon of war to the top of the agenda at the UN Security Council and thereby made the plight of the women an international peace and security issue.

RESOLUTION follows the battle fought by Wallström and the community of activists to develop and push through UN Resolution 1960, which provides the UN with the powers to hunt down and prosecute the perpetrators of sexual violence and end the cycle of impunity.

The film was followed by a Q & A session with Margot Wallström and Marika Griehsel (Director "Resolution").

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