Monday, 18 January 2021

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"Good Fortune", by Landon van Soest

Screened on 13 April 2010

Runtime: 73'

goodfortune Landon van Soest’s documentary looks at the plight of tens of thousands of Kenya’s inhabitants who are afraid of losing their homes – regardless of whether these homes are in the slums of the poor Kibera quarter in the capital Nairobi, or the aluminium shacks of herdsmen in the Yala Swamp in the west of the country. The stories of Silva, a midwife from Kibera, and Jackson, a farmer and teacher from Yala Swamp, lay bare the battles individuals have to wage against the political machine. Neither of them wants to give up, because their very survival is at stake. Fortune, however, does not smile on everyone...

The film was followed by a Q & A session with Simon Panek (Executive Director, People in Need), Jean Bakole (Director, UN Habitat, Brussels) and Scott Hudson (Coordinator One World, Brussels).

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