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In 2007 and 2008 we were happy to screen five to six films a year, but 2009 saw us aiming higher.

We decided that we would have a CINE-ONU event on a monthly basis, with a short break over the summer. Ten films were shown in 2009 and our audience just kept getting bigger and bigger.

We screened some deeply touching films such as “The Heart of Jenin” and “Born into Brothels” to people who were as passionate about the issues as we are at the UN.

CINE-ONU was now a recognized name in Brussels – people talked about us and directors were happy for us to premiere their films. Thank you to director Nathalie Borgers for letting us premiere “Winds of Sand, Women of Rock”.

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1 Ciné-ONU: "Dealing and Wheeling in Small Arms" - 12 February
2 Ciné-ONU: "Hissène Habré: la traque d’un dictateur" - 18 March
3 Ciné-ONU: "Planet UN" - 22 April
4 Ciné-ONU: "The Forgotten Refugees" - 28 May
5 Ciné-ONU: "HOME" - 5 June
6 Ciné-ONU: "The Heart of Jenin" - 16 September
7 Ciné-ONU: "The Day after Peace" - 27 October
8 Ciné-ONU: "Born into Brothels" - 17 November
9 Ciné-ONU: "Winds of Sand – Women of Rock" - 2 December
10 Ciné-ONU: "Iaco’s Tale – Beyond Arunachal Pradesh" - 15 December

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